I need a little advice/help creating my chart.

We're happy to help! Use the live chart inside the editor (bottom right-hand corner) to chat with us, send us an email to support@familytreechart.com, or schedule a free 10-minute consultation where you can share your screen with us!

When will my order be ready?

Once you've checked out, digital files will be sent within 1 business day. For printing and framing see our current production turnaround times.


I'm an international customer, and it won't let me check out!

Don't worry! We're currently refining our process, but for now get your order all set, and head to the checkout page. Once you're there, email support@familytreechart.com with subject line "International Order Help" and include the names that are in the center of your chart, and we'll create a custom checkout link for you that will allow an international billing address! (It's important that you actually go to the checkout first, so we can find your chart!)

Do you offer international shipping?

We'd be happy to get you a custom quote! Just email support@familytreechart.com.