The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started Creating a Genealogy Chart

Hooray! It's time to get started creating your genealogy chart!

Watch this video tutorial to walk you through the whole process or keep reading!

 Choosing Your Starting Template

 Creating Your Chart in the Editor

The first step is to choose a template you like! Browse our genealogy templates and choose a favorite. They come in two basic shapes—circle or fan—and you can choose to include a decorative title (or not!)

genealogy template

Once you've decided on a template color palette you like, customize your template using the drop downs. Don't worry, anything you choose at this stage can be changed in the editor!

genealogy template


Digital Only: A high-resolution, digital file (at least 300 dpi). You own the personal rights to the file, and can print it as many times as you like, anywhere you like!

High-Quality Print + Digital: Everything included in Digital Only, plus a high-quality physical print to be shipped to you (within the US) on the paper of your choosing. See paper specs here.

Handcrafted Frame + High-Quality Print + Digital: Everything included in High-Quality Print + Digital, plus a handcrafted wooden frame made by experts in the USA. See frames here.


This will only show up if you select a physical print!

Number of Generations:

The most popular is 6-7, but charts are available from 3-10 generations. If you are interested in a chart showing 11+ generations, email!

Center Formatting:

Whose genealogy does this chart show? You can choose to put an individual, a group of individuals (such as all of the children in a family), or a couple at the center of the chart.

When you have everything you'd like selected, you can either choose "Add to Cart" or "Try This Template". "Try This Template" will take you directly into the editor where you can start building your chart! If you choose to checkout before creating your chart, we'll email you a link that you can use to enter the editor at a later date and create your chart!

Creating Your Genealogy Chart in the Editor

There are three ways to add names to your genealogy chart:

  1. Import from FamilySearch
  2. Import from GEDCOM
  3. Add Names Manually

If you have your names organized in a FamilySearch account or GEDCOM file, you'll be able to import these directly into your chart in just minutes! If you don't, you can easily add your names manually, or create a free FamilySearch account if you'd like a free tool for organizing your family names and starting to do more family history! 

When you enter the editor, the first thing you will see will be a pop-up guiding you through adding your names!

Are you creating your chart for someone else? Check out our guide to creating charts for parents and in-laws and spouses!

Next, you'll want to make sure all the names fit in their cells and that they look how you like! You can also choose to add dates to your chart if you would like.

Once your chart looks exactly how you'd like (how it appears in the editor is how it will look in the final digital file and print!), click "Review Order" in the top right-hand corner. This will give you a chance to update sizing, frame choice, paper choice, etc. as well as add extra copies!

Still have questions? Sign up for a free 10-minute consultation or email us at we'd be more than happy to help!

genealogy names